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The following information is provided to help you with the steps involved, and the information needed, when you call Dial-A-Claim to report an accident to ICBC (1-800-910-4222 or www.ICBC.com).

The information below is taken from ICBC's (How To Make A Claim). Any contradiction, dispute or difference between the contents of this web site and the legislation governing insurance and motor vehicles shall be resolved only by reference to the appropriate Acts or Regulation.

At the Accident Scene

  1. If anyone is injured, call for an ambulance

  2. Record information about the accident to refer to later. Draw a small diagram of where your vehicle was and which lane you were using. Do the same for the other vehicle. Draw arrows to indicate each car's direction of travel and show the distance to the nearest intersection

  3. Obtain information from the other driver: Name, Phone Number, Licence Plate Number, Year and Make of the vehicle involved and the name, phone number and address of any witnesses

  4. If your vehicle can't be driven from the scene, call a tow truck and have your vehicle towed to a place where it can be stored securely

  5. If you have ICBC Collision coverage, or if the other vehicle's driver is responsible for the accident, towing and storage charges form part of your claim